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How to use myonlinecv.io?

myonlinecv.io is very simple to use. It has a easy to navigate dashboard. Just follow the steps, enetr the data and you will be all set.
If you still have problem in using myonlinecv.io, please go through the steps below and also watch the short videos.

1. Login or Sign up

You can login to myonlinecv.io by either using your google account or by using your email and password. For using email and pasword, first you need to sign up. Its very simple, just give your name and email and setup your password. And you are ready to go.
Start here for login: Login
Sign-up with your email here: Sign Up

2. Create a profile

First you need to create your profile. Its simple, in your dashboard, click on the "profile" link and click the "Create Profile" button. You can also edit or delete your profile here.
To work on your CV a profile needs to be selected which can be done by clicking the "Select Profile" button.
Go to Create Profile

Visit your dashboard.

3. Fill in your details

Enter all the information which you want to show on your CV. Start with your education, then your work history, project works, skills, link to social media, references and much more.
Note that you need to have a profile selected to fill this information. To select a profile you need to go to profile section.
Start filling your details here

4. Video & Audio CV

Video CV is unique to myonlinecv.io. You need to upload your Video CV which will be displayed on your online CV. The video needs to be in "mp4" format and maximum size supported is 10 MB.
You can also upload an audio CV or record it on myonlinecv.io using the record option. Its super easy to use.
Start with Video CV here.

5. Upload your CV

You can upload your Word or PDF CV, populalry called paper CV (as it can be printed on paper) on myonlinecv.io.
Recruiters or employers can download and view the CV.
Only word and PDF format are supported and maximum file size supported is of 5 MB.
Upload your CV here

6. Select CV sections

Here you can select the sections of the CV which you want to show on your online CV. All other sections will be hidden.
For example, if you donot have a Post Graduate degree, de-select "Education - College / Masters or Higher" and the section will not be shown on your online CV
Select what you want to show here

7. Create custom URL

You can customize your online CV URL to suite your profile. If you are a doctor, let the world know it. Let it be
rather than just https://myonlinecv.io/nick-gordon Contact us if you want your own domain like https://doctor-nick-gordon.com
Create a custom URL here.

8. Select template and view your online CV

Once you are all set, select the template for your online CV. All the templates are mobile ready and your CV will look just awesome.
We are already working on briging more templates for you to select from and we keep adding such templates to the list.
Select a template here.

9. Pay securely and without any hassle

You need to upgrade to a paid plan to enjoy the real benifit of hosting your online profile.
We have partnered with some best players in area of payments to make your transaction secure and safe.
You can pay using Credit / Debit cards scores of other payment methods. Start here.