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myonlinecv Features

myonlinecv has some very unique and innovative features taking it ahead of the race.

Video CV

This unique feature helps you demonstrate your skill. Showcase your project or describe your product like never before

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Audio CV

Speak out about yourself, make your recruiter hear what you want them to hear. Increase your chances to get short listed.

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Mobile Ready

All of our web templates are mobile ready. Make your CV and view it across devices be it mobile of a desktop. It works seemlessly.

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Data Security

We donot share data with any advertisers or any recruiters. You own your data. Your data is secure with us.

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Increase your eligibility

A recruiter has in average 8.8 sec to screen a CV. With myonlinecv, you can have a better chance to get selected.


Custom Website

Convert your myonlinecv to your personal website by using your own domain.

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Introducing Video CV

myonlinecv is the only platform which hosts Video CV. Video is the best way to communicate and makes much more impact than a static page or a paper CV. With Video CV you can reach out to the prospective employer and show case your talent. Be it project, the product you worked on or your art work. It is going to make a difference.

Economic Times
“Video resumes help judge the personality of the candidate and shortlist quickly”

Make an impact with Audio CV

Voice out what you want your recruiters to hear. With Audio CV you can give a jist of your profile and make an impact by telling your recruiter what they should know.

“Listening to a articulated sentence will have more impact than reading it ”

View your CV on any device

Recruiters view your CV on the run and on any device. Scrolling through a PDF or word doc in mobile may be tideous. With myonlinecv mobile ready view, highlight your skills and achievements. Make it intersting to read your CV.

“Improve your resume, Showcase your “wow.”, Punch up your "design" ”

Data Security

We understand that your data is very important for you and so it is to us as well. We do take data security very seriously and use the latest technology to secure your data.

“We are GDPR Compliant.”

About Us


Our Mission

myonlinecv was started with only one mission, to give an easy and secure way to host your CV or profile online. It is started by a bunch of tech entrepreneurs with a goal to make technology work for those who find it difficult to start with online presence.
Our focus will always be on:

  • Data Security
  • Ease of use
  • A versatile and comprehensive onilne CV

To know more about us please get in touch. Write to us at contact@myonlinecv.io

Connect a Domain


Own a website by connecting a domain name!

You can convert your online CV to a personal website by paying a small fee. To own a personal website, all you need is a domain name. Rest will be taken care by us.
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